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The Real Laotian Identity Products

We select local products from all over Laos, especially handicrafts that showcase special Laotian identity, including hand-woven fabrics with naturally dyed colors, rattan basketries, as well as hand-carved bamboo and wooden pieces.

In addition, we offer world-class quality locally grown tea and coffee, as well as also bags, scarves, our own designed T-shirts and various other high quality products, which have been specially selected to provide you with the confidence and satisfaction to seek out and shop at Sabaidee Valley – the only largest and the best souvenir store in Southern Laos.

All in one place

Meet the wide variety souvenir collections from all over Laos from Luang prabang to Pakse, from key-chain to t-shirt.


Distribute the Laos handicraft to the world. To be the hub of the beautiful local fabric, wood, bags and other handicraft goods of local Lao.

Original design

Brilliant cotton t-shirt with creative design in our souvenir shop. We originally design our t-shirt inspire by the nature of Laos and Bolaven plateau.

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