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A Natural Escape

Leave the congestion of the city behind and enter the fresh green realm of Bolaven Plateau, Champasack district, Lao’s world famous highland where nature reigns supreme. In sight of evergreen hills and grasslands, Sabaidee Valley welcomes you to experience a natural escape in the way of your choosing… a refreshingly innovative choice.

Bolaven Plateau has very unique climate from all over the year especially from November to February. Although day temperature is between 20-25 C°, during the evening and night it can drop down to 5 C°. Therefore, do add a sweater and long pants to your luggage.


Integration of Laos culture and international service to make a unique experience for the travelers with the touch of charming Southern Laos.

Coffee shop

Use 100% coffee beans from local and fair trades. Aim to bring the greatest Laos coffee to cup to share with the travelers and the local.


Distribute the Laos handicraft to the world. To be the hub of the beautiful local fabric, wood, bags and other handicraft goods of local Lao.

It started with Love and Passion

In middle of 2008 Sabaidee Valley project is start from ground in the beautiful scenic view of Bolaven plateau. Because of lovely culture, people and the great weather of this highland Sabaidee valley was build start from restaurant, VIP villas, Coffee shop, Souvenir shop, Garden villas. 

At first we just want a villa for vacation with family and best friends. In the middle of exploration we’ve got the help from villagers and found out that we could make village better by start a business which can hire and make sustained development for people, villages, district and also the Laos country to better quality of life.

Inspired by Nature

Bamboo decoration, Hydrangea flowers, hardwood furniture is thoughtfully design with local accents combined with modern comforts. open-air coffee shop, dark brown roof and all other details is the ideal venue to be consumed by the wilderness of Bolaven palteau.

Sustainability Development in mind

The responsible and caring attitude of Sabaidee Valley is intrinsic to the brand and extends to employees and local communities in which Sabaidee Valley operates. It is committed to preserving the environment through sustainable operations, guided by overarching goals and values.

We are aiming to be a part of tourism development in Laos by promoting the eco-tourism along with the beautiful cultures and traditions of Laos. Moreover, we proud that our business can help people in Lak 33 village and surrounding areas get better quality of life.

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