Getting Here & Contact

Coordinates 15°10'33"N 106°04'33"E

Sabaidee Valley Map

Ubonratchathani (Thailand) – Pakse city (Laos)

by Cars (Approx. 130 km.) – Drive from Ubonratchathani on route 217 45 kilometers until arrive Piboonmangsahan then turn right heading to Chongmek Sirinthorn (Still on route 217) drive 40 kilometers to Chongmek then cross the border to Vangtao then follow the route 16W 40 kilometers to Pakse city.

by bus – There are bus departures from Ubon Ratchathani to Pakse on the Thai-Lao International Bus at 9.30am and 3.30pm. The total distance is about 135 kilometres and a ticket costs Bt200 per person for a one-way trip. A passport or border pass is required when purchasing tickets. You can call Ubon Ratchathani Bus Station at (045) 314 299.
It takes about two hours to get the border crossing at Chong Mek where you have to get off the bus and get a visa. Passengers have to walk across to the Lao side then get back to the bus again after the visa is granted. It take 45 km. to Pakse city.

by Taxi – Taxi from airport to pakse Chong mek costs approx. 1000 THB then at the border there are taxis and vans available at Ban Vang Tao to take you to Pakse, which is just 45 kilometres from the border checkpoint.

Pakse City – Sabaidee Valley

From Pakse city Champasak, Laos heading east to Paksong city on the 13rd road until it connect with the 16E road (on 8th Km.) then drive to Lak 33 (33rd km.) Sabaidee Valley situated on the right hand side.

by Motorbike – rent a motorbike from Pakse city heading east on the 13rd road (The main road of the city) to Lak 33 (33rd km.) Sabaidee valley situated on the right hand side.